Surfing at 13 knots

Left port hacking after dragging the anchor at around 9.30 pm. Managed to pick up a private mooring but with no load rating on the bouy I slept on the sofa with the anchor watch set to 85 metres. Left around 7.15 am tuesday with a strong wind warning from the NE headed for botanny bay, but decided to make use of the NE wind and overnight sail to Eden. No wind until sunset when it picked up and we sailed with 80% headsail overnight. The seas were like a washing machine, but to her credit crew member Nikki went below and knocked up some spag bog. Dave and myself were pretty ordinary, but all good by the morning. We averaged around 8 knots and during one sail change a whale blew about 10 metres from the starboard stern. From then on we had whales everywhere throwing themselves out of the water

The wind picked up in the morning and we started clocking 9 to 11 knots. When it picked up further and we were surfing at 13 knots with the boat humming we reduced sail to about 40% headsail and continued on at 9 to 10 knots. We had to lubricate the rudder bearings on the way as they were stating to sound like a 4 year old learning to play on an amplfied violin. Finnaly made it into Eden with the winds blowing 25 to 30 knots. Tied up at the public wharf and waited for the gale warning from the SE to arrive, which it did about 3.30 am in the morning. Had to continualy shift the fenders to stop the pilings from rubbing on the boat.

Today we did a maintence inspection and found the nuts had fallen off the rudder arm linkage, and were only holdy on by the bolts. Have changed the bolt type on both rudders and used nylock nuts plus locking nut. Also discovered the rudder refference was all loose and after looking at the setup deterined it was incorrect. Skipper not happy as I paid to have the complete new system installed prior to departure from sydney.

Spent thursday making up new mounting hardware and will calibrate on friday. Also installed the cleats on the stern for the tender tie down points. We will probably be in Eden until saturday as it is still blowing from the south most of friday. We will head off  on Saturday and do an overnighter to Lakes Entrance.





Past Sydney harbour

Left pittwater around 7am and headed south. Wind dropped off to nothing after expecting a 10 knot northerly. Had to motor all the way until about 4 miles from port hacking, then trimmed  the sails and managed 8.5 knots with a slight northly breeze. Went past sydney harbour about 11 am accompanied by 4 whales. Now at anchor at port hacking to sit out a strong wind warning overnight. Looks like it will be scotch filet with honey carrots and muchroom sauce as we didn’t catch a mackeral on the lure on the way down. Will use the stopover to add some cleats to the stern to better secure the tender in readiness for white knuckle GAB crossing.IMG_20171009_143927395IMG_20171009_143833742_HDR.jpg

Away at last

We left the swing mooring at gibson marina around 11.30 am. Went and refueled with 198 litres of diesel and filled water tanks. Head north up pittwater and raised the mainsail. Woo hoo..with just the main managed 7 knots without even tweeking the mainsail. Now at anchor at flint and steel bay west of barrenjoey light house. Strong wind warning for tomorrow but will head down to botany bay before it kicks in. Have chicken curry on the go.IMG_20171008_122218020IMG_20171008_160218636IMG_20171008_152532027.jpg

First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

Well the next adventure will soon begin. Much work has been completed on Boomaroo in readiness to Sail down the East Coast from Gibson Marina on Pittwater, NSW, across the Great Australian Bight and around to Perth. Hoping to depart on 8th October 2017 and looking at trying to complete the trip in 6 weeks. A lot of work has been done since purchase in July. All rigging has been replaced, Radar has been mounted on the targa bar (not installed in the current photo taken in July), auto-pilot replaced, chart plotter installed, NMEA data bus installed so all instruments can talk to each other. Extra chain has been added to the main anchor. The engine charging system has been changed so as either engine can charge the house batteries. Burnt wiring has been replaced, trampoline repaired. Raw water engine cooling pump on Starboard side replaced. Several battery switches replaced as they were intermittent in operation and causing too much voltage drop. Incorrectly installed bilge filters rectified. Destroyed diode in solar panel removed (solar panel was not charging) and new solar regulator installed. EPIRB registered. Will update site as we travel down the coast and across the bight.